VCLRA Board working papers

April 20, 2020 video-conference VCLRA board meeting

Notice that official business will be transacted during this online, video-conference meeting. A director participating via remote 2-way communication is considered to be present at the meeting.  [Wis. Stat. § 181.82]

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Presidents report (Tom) is here. (Revised 4/15/20)
Secretary report (Karen)
Treasurer’s report (Anne)
New Shoreland Owners Initiative (Dick Jenks, Jeff Currie, Carol Warden, Debby Soberg, Quita Sheehan, Patrick Goggin)
  • R. Jenks notes:
  • The final implementation step in VCLRA’s initiative to connect with new lakeshore property owners is to encourage the Lake Associations to create a “Greet Your Neighbor” program. I’m proposing an e-mail cover letter with several attachments (“Greet your neighbor” package). This package is ready to be sent (pending Board approval) to all of the lake associations to enlist their help. I already have lake association e-mail contacts from Cathy Higley and UWEX. The “Greet your neighbor” package consists of:
    Conversation starters, Cover letter to lake associations, Example welcome letters, Property transfers
  • A VCLRA Power Point presentation has been developed for briefings on the initiative with realtors, lake associations, and other community stakeholders by Tom Ewing.  The goal was to keep the presentation very short, very visual, and hopefully compelling.  It is intended that the briefing will fit into VCLRA’s multi-phased shoreland owners initiative: business cards, free memberships, new web site with links to support info, BMP’s etc, and a “Greet Your Neighbor” program for lake associations.
  • Action: board approval of Greet your Neighbor package and stakeholder briefing
VCLRA Scholarship Program (Anne, Carol, Steve)
  • Have an applicant that the committee recommends moving forward with awarding.
  • Action: approve awarding recommended applicant
Spring Newsletter (Celeste et al)
  • Tom: is it advisable to produce and mail the next newsletter in paper form? Is our printing resource still even available? Can the mailing be reasonably conducted given the need to minimize in-person contact? Doing a digital version is no problem since it can be handle online; so we could always release the digital version online on schedule, and do the mailing at a later time when it is safe to do so.
  • Action: either 1) defer May newsletter for now, 2) move ahead with digital version for May and do mailing at a later time (when safe), or 3) move ahead with both (safety not an issue)
Blue Heron Award Initiative (Carol)
  • Carol: suggests we solicit for Blue Heron award as we normally would.  These assessments are easily done without any close contact.
Annual multi-county meeting (Steve)
  • Steve has been coordinating with OCLRA. Meeting tentatively scheduled for Friday morning July 10th.  Tentative theme: “Shoreland Owner Outreach”.  New Shoreland Owners Initiative is one of the topics. Realtors will be invited.  If in-person meeting is not possible, will handle electronically/online rather than cancel.
County Conservationist/Lake Specialist Report
Other business? (All)
  • Emily: could work at stockpiling articles and kids page information for the VCLRA website (has interns that could help).