We’re passionate about lakes and rivers — it’s in our nature…

Nature has blessed Vilas County in the north woods of Wisconsin with over 1300 lakes and 70 rivers and streams, more than any other county in Wisconsin, and one of the highest concentrations of inland fresh water in the world.  Their beauty and recreational value make them a true Wisconsin treasure.  We firmly believe the natural beauty and vitality of our natural waters is closely linked to healthy environments and vibrant economies.
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Economic impact

Our lakes and economy are strongly linked.

Our natural waters are the backbone of a tourist economy that contributes $290 million of economic impact to Vilas County each year. Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes also are central to the state’s tourism worth $21 billion of economic impact annually.


For 25 years, Vilas County Lakes & Rivers Association (VCLRA) has been working to sustainably preserve, protect, and enhance our lakes and rivers.
We focus our effort in the areas of advocacy, education, and conservation to foster engaged and informed communities committed to the welfare of our natural waters.

Join us. Get informed. Become involved.

Working together, we can ensure that our beautiful lakes and rivers benefit generations to come.