VCLRA publishes a newsletter twice annually (Winter and Summer). Members receive a printed copy by mail or may optionally request an electronic copy.


Winter 2023-24 (January 2024 release)

Celebrating 30 years of protecting our Vilas waters, Wakesurfing legislation; Vilas short-term rental ordinance; Northern Lakes Toolbox; How trees benefit lakes; Blue Heron Award and more!
Summer 2023 (June 2023 release)
News about the the July 14th six-county lakes and rivers conference featuring a panel on law-enforcement challenges; update on wake boat resolutions and more!
Winter 2022-23 (January 2023 release)

Read about hazardous wake issues, Blue Heron Stewardship awards, AIS prevention and much more…

Summer 2022 (May 2022 release)

Learn about our Six-County Conference and VCLRA annual meeting (theme: wakeboats and lake capacity and more). Plus, useful tools, initiatives and resources for healthy lakes.

Winter 2021-22 (January 2022 release)

Read about Wake Boats, the Northwoods Businesses for Clean Waters partnership, our 2021 scholarships and Blue Heron awards, and much more…

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