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The natural beauty and recreational value of our lakes and rivers are the foundation of our Northwoods economy. We are a partnership of conservationists and Northwoods businesses whose livelihood depends on the vitality of our natural waters.
Our common vision of the Northwoods as a place where both people and nature thrive can only be realized by working together to protect our beautiful lakes and rivers.

Our approach:


Partnerships are at the heart of what we do. Only by working together to protect our lakes and rivers can we find a sustainable path for nature and our communities to thrive.


Our efforts focus on: aquatic invasive species prevention, shoreline restoration & protection and water quality. Business partners gain access to experts and potential grant funding opportunities.


We promote our efforts to raise awareness and build support from stakeholders essential to our success. Business partners benefit from building reputation and public recognition.

Our story

The Wisconsin North­woods is a special place — nature has blessed it with one of the highest concentrations of fresh inland waters on the planet. Our beautiful lakes and rivers inspire and connect us. However, the health of our environment and economy is closely linked to the vitality of our natural waters.  That’s why we created North­woods Bussinesses for Clean Waters.  Achieving a sustainable, vibrant North­woods community requires working together to preserve our precious lake and river heritage.
Our focus is on marinas, campgrounds, watercraft dealers & rentals, fishing guides and other businesses that rely on North­woods’ water resources and have a vital role to play. Clean lakes and rivers are not only essential to the North­­woods’ rich quality of life, but to the future of your business as well! Each business is unique, so every partnership will look different; however, your business will be teamed with a conservation expert to create a tailored approach that reflects shared goals and values, and provides your business with useful tools and practices to protect our natural waters.

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