Wakeboats now regulated in Vermont; WI overwhelmingly favors restrictions…

After a nearly two-year heated debate, rules restricting wakeboats on Vermont waterways are now in effect. As of April 15th, a wake boat can only operate in a wake sports zone: an area of at least 50 acres, at least 20 feet deep, 200 feet wide and 500 feet from shore.

Here in Wisconsin, participants in the annual poll by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress overwhelmingly supported statewide restrictions on wakeboats and the regulation of ballasted wakesports. Responses to the wake related questions were as follows:

Would you support the WCC and legislature creating a new statute that prohibits the use of wake boat ballast systems on Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers?

  • YES – 10,608 (66%)
  • NO – 4,193 (26%)
  • NO OPINION – 1,370 (8%)
  • The question passed in all 72 counties

Would you support regulations by DNR to require that all ballast systems used in boats shall have a reasonable practical means of inspecting the system to confirm that no water is retained in the system (tanks, piping, valves, etc.)?

  • YES – 10,016 (63%)
  • NO – 4,228 (26%)
  • NO OPINION – 1,771 (11%)
  • The question passed in 71 of 72 counties

Would you support the WCC and legislature modifying existing statutes to prohibit generation of intentionally magnified wakes for wake surfing through the use of ballast, design features, operational procedures or any other means on lakes smaller than 1500 acres and less than 20 feet deep and maintain a distance from shore and other lake users of 700 feet?

  • YES – 10,895 (68%)
  • NO – 3,804 (24%)
  • NO OPINION – 1,288 (8%)
  • The question passed in all 72 counties

A more in-depth article on the WCC results by Wisconsin Lakes may be found here.