Happy Holidays!

Finally we can say goodbye to 2020!  Each of us faced unprecedented challenges that truly reshaped our focus and priorities.

VCLRA, like so many others, found new ways to connect with our community and coworkers so we could press on with our work and make an impact. Due to the pandemic, we tailored our approach to engage and inform through zoom meetings, virtual events, and expanded online digital learning experiences. Fortunately, we had set a goal to strengthen our ability to connect with people by adopting new web technology even before the pandemic. While we look forward to the time when it is safe to return to in-person events, these new approaches will continue to provide alternate pathways to effectively connect with others (especially younger audiences). We will therefore continue to look for opportunities to improve our organization’s virtual presence.

While we have not met face to face for many months now, I am proud to report that we still were able to award a youth scholarship to a local high school student, make a virtual presentation of a Blue Heron Shoreland Stewardship Award, co-host a virtual lakes workshop, roll out the new GREET initiative for Lake Associations, partner with Vilas County Land and Water Conservation to launch the Northwoods Businesses for Clean Waters program, publish and distribute our two annual print newsletters, post a number of articles and videos on our website, and many other accomplishments.

As we move into a new year, we look forward to continuing to work for the protection of our Vilas County lake and river heritage with our partners and supporting member families and lake organizations. Our world is certainly different right now, but we can still realize the value of working together. Connect with us today through membership and also share what’s on your mind through email or our website contact form. We’d love to have a chance to get to know you better, hear about your ideas and concerns, and share some of our thoughts and plans.

Remember to renew your VCLRA membership! Much of our work is funded by generous support from our member families and lake organizations.

As I close, there is a new sense of hope as effective Covid-19 treatments appear on the horizon. I hope your New Year is happy, healthy and full of normal!

Tom Ewing
VCLRA president


Our June 2020 newsletter is available

Our latest newsletter (June 2020) is now available. It is notable for being the first newsletter published since the Covid-19 outbreak.  Our board continues to work remotely on the issues that are so important to our lake community. We are very appreciative of our many members who have already renewed, as well as the generous donations we have received. Your steadfast support during these challenging times enables us to continue our mission to protect our lakes and rivers. Read our latest newsletter for all the details about our work during this unique period in our 25 year history.

Read our latest newsletter

Six-county lakes & rivers meeting agenda

Lake advocates and lake lovers from six northern Wisconsin counties are invited to an online discussion by Zoom video-conferencing of issues related to lake quality and protection on Friday, July 10.  The live discussion, from 9 a.m. to 1 pm, will explore ways to encourage lake property owners to follow lake-friendly and environmentally responsible practices. Speakers will emphasize outreach to property owners as a way to advance natural shorelines and water-quality protection. Immediately following the multi-county lakes online meeting, both Vilas County Lakes and Rivers Association (VCLRA) and Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association (OCLRA) will hold their annual board meetings in separate, virtual “breakout rooms” online.

Read more “Six-county lakes & rivers meeting agenda”


Note from the President

The corona virus (Covid-19) has created an unprecedented global health and economic crisis. In this moment in time, we have in common with all other people on our planet the same fear, anxiety and stress over its impacts on the health of our family and friends, as well as its consequences for our society and economy.

Yet I look out the window and see an entirely peaceful and calming scene, seemingly detached from the human toll worldwide. It is amazing to look at our lakes and their natural surroundings and see that the natural world does not appear to have noticed our crisis or been impacted at all. Well, the skies are maybe a little clearer. Read more “Note from the President”